Warung Bakso Jamur Ubud

Warung Bakso Jamur UbudThe Warung Bakso JamurĀ is another new restaurant, located in Nyuh Kuning, on Jln Raya Nyuh Kuning not far from the Bali Cultural Centre (BCC).

As the restaurant name implies, their speciality is mushroom soup, and that is pretty much all you can get. The food is very delicious, and the place clean and cheap. If you are after a bowl of bakso, this is a good option rather than the roadside setups that may not have as good a hygiene standard.

Warung Bakso Jamur Ubud

The restaurant is run by some local disabled people, and you eating here helps to support their group. They also have some products available to purchase which can also help support them.

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    1. It is a hard place to find if you don’t know where to look. I have also found it often closed at random times (which is not that unusual for Bali). I’ll be going past there in January, so I’ll check if it is still open.

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