The Athlete's Cookbook - recipes for success

Athlete's Cookbook - Recipes for Success

What we eat and drink can have a great impact our health and athletic performance, though with so many mixed messages out there it's hard to know what's best. This resource of cookbooks and recipes for athletes has been collated by a registered sports dietitian, and presented with some solid advice based on scientific principles.

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There are thousands of cookbooks available, but not that many that include recipes that are suitable for athletes, let alone designed specifically for them. We have collated information and reviewed many cookbooks made for athletes or made by athletes.

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Recipes for athletes which have been collated by a registered sports dietitian. Each recipe includes key features which make it suitable for particular athletes. All of these healthy tasty recipes are designed for the athlete, with relevant information about eating for sports performance. I hope you find that the recipes are not only good for you, but taste great too.

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Nutrition and cooking advice to help the athlete make the best choices and be a whiz in the kitchen, while doing everything to help their athletic performance.