Pica South American Kitchen, Ubud

Review of Pica South American Kitchen

PICA South American Ubud BaliThis restaurant has been talked up for its quality food, and it didn’t disappoint. The dish above was a corn polenta with mushrooms, and it was amazing. Not quite what I was expecting, but much better! It was a baked dish, so it took some time to serve, but was absolutely worth it in the end, the texture was creamy, and the flavours even better.

PICA South American Ubud Bali

The empanadas, were also really tasty. Deep fried with a fabulous flavourful filling. It was served with a lovely salsa which matched the flavours nicely. From memory I also think we got some complimentary bread on arrival, home baked and tasty verde salsa and butter as sides.

PICA South American Ubud Bali

Ceviche, a classic south american raw fish dish. The flavours in this really hit you at first. It came as a cold soup, served with nice bread to soak it all up. Some tender fish (I forget the type), crunchy corn and red onion) and a super tangy (its made with lime juice) soup. You won’t forget this flavour any time soon, it works so well.

PICA South American Ubud Bali

The setting is nice, it is located on Jalan Dewi Sita opening onto the busy street. There are only a few tables, so get in early or book a table to reserve your spot. The night we went it was very busy, and that was early days. The owner/chef was also very hospitable coming out to the tables to greet and talk to customers, a very nice touch.

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