Kagemusha Japanese Restaurant Review

Kagemusha Japanese RestaurantThe Kagemusha Japanese restaurant is just down the road from where we are staying, and now that we have finally tried the food there, we will be coming back again. The restaurant is quietly hidden off the busy Nyuh Kuning main road near Ubud, overlooking some lush greenery.

There is a selection of books to read, but all in Japanese. This must be a place that Japanese come to eat, a good sign. The only other group to come in while we were eating we Japanese.

IMG_20141002_172249The menu was extensive, though our kids were disappointed there were no sushi dishes. There was a similar dish, rice balls wrapped with some flakes in the middle. These were pretty plain and very hard to eat!

IMG_20141002_174045The terriaki chicken was a good alternative to the sushi for Olive.

IMG_20141002_174921There was another dish that worked very well for the kids, fried rice wrapped in an omelette. It was covered in tomato sauce, not sure about that.

IMG_20141002_173948Clare went for a fried eggplant starter which was very tasty, then salty salmon, which true to its name was very salty.

IMG_20141002_173454Rob’s choice was terriaki don, the terriaki chicken on rice. It was very filling.

IMG_20141002_174913If you are after a Japanese food fix this place is recommended, and very reasonably priced too.

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