Cafe Garam, Amed, Bali Review

Cafe Garam, Amed, BaliCafe Garam is in Hotel Uyah Amed Spa & Resort, Amed, Abang, Bali. As we were driving through Amed this seemed like a pleasant place to stop. Once we saw the grass, the pool table and table tennis table, we knew the kids would like it here.

It had been too many days without a good coffee, so we were very glad to see they made a nice espresso coffee here.

Cafe Garam, Amed, Bali

The food was of  very high quality, given the area it is in. There is not a lot of western or higher end options around Amed. The chicken wings were a good non-spicy option for the kids, with a lovely little salad on the side. 

Cafe Garam, Amed, Bali

They have a rather unusual interpretation of bruschetta here, with the description not matching the product. On saying that the taste of the trio was quite nice. One was fried mushroom, one was basil pesto (a little dry), the last The bread was not the typical sweet white Asian bread, which was nice for a change! 

Cafe Garam, Amed, Bali

A chicken and salad baguette, would have been great, if they hadn’t smothered it at both ends with mayonnaise. They seem to love mayo here in Bali, or they think that westerners love it??

Cafe Garam, Amed, BaliOverall this was a nice experience, where the kids could play while waiting. They also discovered a giant chess set which occupied them for some time too. The food overall was very good, but maybe a few minor adjustments.


Near the start of the Amed strip along the coast. Paired with a lovely resort with lots of grassy space and ocean views. 


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