Warung Siam on Gautama

Warung Siam located on Jalan Gautama, sits among a host of other restaurants on this very popular and busy street.

It is a small Thai food warung with only a few tables as well as some seating on the street front. The staff were very friendly and accommodating.

For entrée we ordered Thai fish cakes, and some fresh rice paper rolls. Neither of these were stand out fabulous, but were quite nice. The rice paper rolls, were a little bland and fell apart because they were served cut in half! Admittedly it looked nice, but it became quite hard to eat. 

warung siam

Rice paper rollswarung siam

Robs main meal was a chicken mince dish, like a ‘Laap’. This was really tasty, and classic Thai.

warung siam

Clare’s dish was a baked red curry with prawns. This was not what we expected at all. The curry sauce had egg added and baked in the oven, like custard, which created a very unusual texture which didn’t suit the taste of the dish for me. I think I am just used to saucy curries! Once you get past the weird texture, the taste was actually quite nice! There were only a few small prawns, which had the tail still on, which again made the dish difficult to eat. 

warung siam

Both mains were served with a side salad of lightly pickled vegetables, which was a similar dressing to a green pawpaw salad. Very nice.

This was a pretty cheap meal, but generally of a pretty good quality. All this with a large Bintang was 180,000 Rp (about $18).

Address: No. 7 Jl. Gautama, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia

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