Mother’s Foods Review

Mother’s Foods, Medlands

I had not been here since my Uni days, and I can honestly say that it has not got any worse since then. There is a pretty decent range of burgers (which we tried a few) and they are as a suburban takeaway should be, a much better option than the international fast food options.

Other Things You Should Know

  • the food from here is best on the way home from Steve’s/li>

Location & Contact

  • address: 11 Broadway, Nedlands, WA 6009
  • phone: 08 9386 1780

Novembar Cafe Review

Novembar’s Cafe & Takeaway, Dianella

It is the very unusual menu items that drew me to Novembar, though it is the attention to producing a fun and quality hamburger experience that makes it such a great place to eat. If you are a food adventurer or burger aficionado, there are quite a few burgers on the menu you should try, and it will take you quite a few visits to sample them. Some of the burgers were created just for fun, the owner not rally expecting people to actually buy them, but he has been surprised that there have been some takers for the $1000 Hello Burger.

I feel a bit like a cheat only ordering just the Lot Burger, but it enabled me to compare it to other burger joints. The bun was nicely toasted, the patty handmade and moist, and containing a good amount of bacon, cheese and egg. It certainly would rank as a great burger. Now that I have had the standard, I’m going to return, and maybe even try the Fatboy!

fay-boyThe ‘Fatboy’

Another reason to come back to this place is the owner Minh Van, it is very refreshing to be served by such a genuinely friendly person.  He is happy to tell you all about his burgers and the issues he has with the health police! If you don’t agree with super-sized high kilojoule takeaway food, don’t go there. If you don’t agree with risking hospitalisation with a hyper chilli burger, choose something milder on the menu.

Here are some of the menu highlights:

  • Fat Boy ‘Man v Fat-Boy challenge – pay $1/minute for this 7-pattie burger
  • Red Face and Runny Nose Burger: chili burger that uses the Bhut Jolokia, the worlds hottest chili. You have to sign a disclaimer and risk hospitalisation if you try this one. This is free if you finish it in less than 10 minutes.
  • fried ice-cream burger
  • Hello Burger – 101 patty burger for $1000
  • Beach Girl Burger – a real bikini clad beach girl between a couple of buns
  • and my favourite – the scent burger, so small it is basically the scent of a burger.

Other Things You Should Know

  • they also have chips, pizza, pasta, chicken, steak, seafood and coffee
  • open every day except Tuesday
  • make sure you are hungry before you go

Location & Contact

  • address: 4 Bayley St, Dianella, WA 6059
  • phone: 08 9275 7788

Terracotta Indian Grill Review

Terracotta Indian Grill, Epping VIC

I didn’t expect much from this place as I have struggled to find decent food around Epping area, but I was very surprised by both the quality and price. My wife and I were not too hungry so we decided to get one dish and share it. We ordered Chicken Tikka Masala, which came with a serve of rice, and also got a piece of naan bread. This was more than enough for us. The staff were very friendly and the service quick (we were the only ones there).

Other Things You Should Know

  • open for lunch and dinner
  • takeaway only, though there is a few seats for sitting and eating your food there

Location & Contact

  • address: Shop 6, 2 Lyndarum Dr, Epping, VIC 3076
  • phone: 03 8405 3530

Aurora Pizza & Pasta Review

Aurora Pizza & Pasta, Mount Hawthorn

This is what I call authentic Italian pizza, much better than the stuff you get in Italy! (and yes, I have been there) The ingredients are fresh and generous. The staff are very friendly, and the prices very reasonable. The Santa Lucia is one of our favourites – tomato, cheese, capsicum, pepperoni, mushroom, fresh tomato, ham, olives and anchovies. We always get the pick up deal with two family pizzas. We have not tried their pasta dishes.

Other Things You Should Know

  • open every evening
  • dine in possible

Location & Contact

Nando’s Subiaco Review

Nando’s Subiaco

Nandos are famous for their Portuguese flame-grilled chicken, which is quite nice, and a good alternative to the deep fried KFC. The best thing is the perri perri sauce, which I buy form the supermarket and use at home. Thankfully you can choose the level of hotness. The chip are pretty good too. The only problem I see is that the price is too much, particularly once you order drinks and sides.

Other Things You Should Know

  • there are many other stores around town
  • open lunch and dinner every day
  • their sauces are available for purchase

Location & Contact

  • address: 375 Hay Street Subiaco, WA 6008
  • phone: 08 9381 9797
  • web:

Empire Pizzeria Review

Empire Pizzeria, Glendalough, WA

Wow, what a great pizza. We only live a short distance from this place but it has taken two years for us to try it out.

The vegetarian ‘Mona Lisa’ pizza was tempting, but we went for the  ‘Antipasto’ to satisfy everyone – pepperoni, ham, mushroom, roast artichoke, feta, sundried tomatoes, kalamatas and fresh thyme. The bases were cooked perfectly, not oily at all. Next time I am going to try one of their  dessert pizza’s – I have never had chocolate on a pizza before. There is a small section out the front where you can sit and eat, but we took our pizza to a park around the corner.

It is a bit confusing on the menu where the have different sections  for seafood, chicken and meat. Last time I looked seafood and chicken were meat, and also in the meat section there are pizzas with chicken! It is a large menu, and it does give you a chance to focus on the type of pizza you are after.

Other Things You Should Know

  • there are stores also in Como and Willetton
  • open every night

Location & Contact

  • address: Glendalough Village Shopping Centre, shop 17a 4 Jon Sanders Dr, Glendalough, WA 6016
  • phone:  (08) 9444 4990
  • web:

Subi Spice Cafe Review

Subi Spice Cafe, Subiaco WA

We went looking for the Spicy South restaurant in Subiaco, but found it was under new management and under a new name too – Subi Spice. Unfortunately they did not honour our Entertainment Book voucher, but their prices are apparently much cheaper than before anyway. The Subi Spice menu covers both south and north Indian cuisine, though we decided to pick from the southern dishes as these seemed more interesting. We had the Banquette Rolls from the starter list, which were a spiced mix of minced lamb, onions and potatoes, wrapped in a pancake, covered in bread crumbs and deep fried. It came with a spiced tomato dipping sauce. Of the chicken dishes they had all the usuals (butter chicken, korma, tikka masala) but we went for the more unusual Chicken Chettinad, a hot and spicy Tamil Nadu Chettiar community dish, which made use of southern Indian spices. Our other main was Brinjal withPotatoes, made from lightly fried eggplants cooked with cubes of potatoes in a medium spiced sauce. Everything was great, including the price, and we will be returning soon to try more.

Other Things You Should Know

  • BYO beer and wine
  • open for luch and dinner. They have good lunch specials.

Location & Contact

  • address: Shop 2, 375 Hay Street, Subiaco, 6008
  • phone: (08) 9382 2434