Foam Coffee Bar, Leederville

FoamFoam in Leederville remains a popular spot in this ever-evolving suburb. It must be doing well as it has expanded into the neighbouring space, and onto the footpath in front. Their website says it is Swedish-inspired. I haven’t been to Sweden so I’m not sure what parts are Swedish-inspired. Maybe it is the deer head on the wall, or maybe they copied a few menu items from Miss Mauds.

I went only for coffee, but the place was busy feeding a big crowd breakfast off the menu or from the selection of baked goods on display. I dropped in on the day of a street festival, and disappointingly they were only serving hot drinks in takeaway cups (I assumed they did not usually do this). It just doesn’t taste the same.

location: 130 Oxford Street,Leederville, Perth, WA phone: (08) 9444 7475


The Bodhi Tree and Bookstore, Mount Hawthorn

The Bodhi Tree Cafe in Mount Hawthorn

Is it a bookshop or cafe? I pick bookshop. There wasn’t even a menu. That does not mean it is not a good place to go for a drink and catchup, quite the opposite. It is nice to find somewhere a bit different, with a bit of character. I enjoyed the eclectic mix of tables and chairs placed among the bookshelves, and mugs that seem like they were bought from the op shop across the road.

The Bodhi Tree Cafe in Mount Hawthorn

I find it hard to distinguish the very good from the excellent coffee. Any cafe that has return customers must satisfy many of them.

The Bodhi Tree Cafe in Mount HawthornIn these places I never know if I can have a look at the books on the shelves while enjoying a coffee, it is very tempting, but may be frowned upon. I went with my four-year-old, who I had to hold back from helping himself to the shelves of books.

Where is it?
Address: Unit 1, 416-418 Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorn WA 6016
Phone:(08) 9444 9884

Eat Drink Love (EDL), Bedugul Bali

at, Drink, Love | Jalan Candi Kuning -Bedugul, Bali

If you are visiting the mountain town of Bedugul in Bali, you will probably be checking out the markets. Tucked away facing the car park behind the markets is this funky cafe called Eat, Drink, Love.

at, Drink, Love | Jalan Candi Kuning -Bedugul, Bali


It is a good travellers rest place away from the pesky market sellers, ideal for a coffee break. Not sure if they did nay food, but it looks like the place best for drinks. There is a more relaxing area upstairs.

Eat, Drink, Love | Jalan Candi Kuning -Bedugul, Bali

Living Food Lab, Hubud, Ubud, Bali

Living Food Lab Hubud

This review is about the Living Food Lab based at the Hubud co-working space on Monkey Forest Road in Ubud. There is also a branch of living food lab at green school.

My first experience with food from this café was this burger/sandwich, which I was not too impressed with. It was just that I was expecting something more substantial. I do love bread. Anyway, from that time on I just went there for coffee, which was pretty good.

Living Food Lab Hubud

They have salads that are pretty popular, and have a few nice juices and cakes too. Nothing too substantial, and not cheap. Many of those working a Hubud will visit one of the nearby warungs for lunch.

You don’t have to come here to eat. It is a good place to hang out. If you are not a member of Hubud, you can still get free wifi while there (just not as fast as the members get!)

Living Food Lab Hubud

Uma Mandi Coffee review

Uma Mandi is a very small coffee shop on Jalan Penestanan, a little out the back of the main village of Penestanan, next to Zest Cantika spa.

This place is nestled neatly between rice paddies and is away from the busy streets of Ubud town centre.

They claim to have the best coffee, and I would have to agree! The coffee is fantastic for Bali standards. Plus you just can’t beat the relaxing spot they are in, it makes all your worries vanish. They also serve a variety of drinks, from hot and cold coffee to milkshakes and juices. 

It is situated out the front of some villas (Mandi Villlas), and the building itself is small and stands alone, but the set up is really cute, and quirky! It is worth a stop, to relax before getting a massage next door.


Asian Prophecy Cafe Review

Asian Prophecy is a cafe on the busy Jalan Raya Pengosekan, on the opposite corner to the gas/petrol station.

They serve illy coffee, which is usually a good option, served very hot this time, just how I like it. I also could not resist a donut, as you could tell by the photo. Unfortunately it was not baked today, something you can’t tell by looking and you can’t always expect in Bali.

I have been here before, and has a good meal too, they make some good wraps and burgers.

The modern indoor and outdoor eating area is OK as long as you ignore the road noise.


Dreamy Donuts Cannington Review

Dreamy Donuts is a small coffee and doughnut stall in Westfield Carousel shopping centre in Cannington. We were hanging out for coffee and the kids desperate for a doughnut, and the combo deal of coffee and doughnut appealed to our sense of value.

We hoped to be able to upgrade the coffee and doughnut deal to get a nicer doughnut, but they were not receptive to that at all.

The coffee tasted OK, quite strong, though the cappuccino was seriously lacking in froth.

Dreamy donuts? Sorry but the ones we bought did not taste very fresh. Now that Krispy Kreme are in town, they have some serious competition.

But overall, the greatest disappointment in this place is that they spelled doughnut wrong on their signs.

Flabird Coffee Shop, Ubud

   Flabird Coffee Shop, UbudA new addition to the Ubud coffee scene is a little café on Jalan Dewi Sita.This quirky and colourful shop have a large range of coffees which they roast and grind themselves. You can buy some to take away or get them to make you a coffee using the drip filter technique.
Flabird Coffee Shop, UbudIncluded in their range is a selection of flavoured coffee, as well as local Luwak.
Flabird Coffee Shop, UbudThey have daily coffee specials for just 10000 Rp, so if you are lucky you can get a cheap cup of quality coffee.
Flabird Coffee Shop, Ubud

Kopi on Bisma Review

Kopi on BismaKopi on Bisma is a cosy little café on Jalan Bisma in Ubud. It is located next door to Uma Pizza. We were just after a coffee, and that seems like what most of its business would be. The staff were friendly and polite, and there was no problem explaining that I wanted the coffee to take away. They even provided a nice carry bag.
Kopi on BismaThey had a good range of espresso coffee on the menu, plus desserts including the quality Gaya gelato. There is a villa (Villa on Bisma) behind the café. Our two café lattes were just 25.000 rp each (about $2.50).

Caldermeade Farm & Cafe Review

Caldermeade Farm & Cafe, Cranbourne

As you drive past you cannot miss the signs directing you to stop. We decided to give it a go on our way back from a holiday at Phillip Island. The main attraction for us that it seemed very kid friendly, and it was a convienient stop on our journey. It is set on a real farm. It is a fully operational commercial dairy which offers viewing of the milking if you are there at the right time of day. We missed the milking, but there are a few animals to see and a playground too. The food was just average, but still an OK place to stop for a snack.

Other Things You Should Know

  • open every day except Christmas day

  • open 9am – 5pm weekends, public holidays and school holidays, 9am – 4pm weekdays

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