Shandong Mama Mini

Shandong Mama Mini

Shandong Mama Mini is the place to go for the amazing vibe and food. Check it out if you are walking the streets of Melbourne.

I had not heard about their original and bigger store, so I was impressed with what I got for the price. Apparently, you can get cheaper elsewhere.

Shandong Mama Mini
Shandong Mama Mini

Shandong Mama Mini
5 Centre Place, CBD, Melbourne, VIC
ph. 0419 777 221

Asian Cuisine Restaurant Review

We were looking for a nice good value meal on a Sunday night, and were directed to Collins Street Willeton by a local who said there were a few Chinese restaurants located along there. To our surprise there was a restaurant hub with a packed car park, and lines outside some of the restaurants. We checked out the menus at a few of them, and settled on Asian Cuisine, a interesting choice of name but definitely no confusion about the type of food they serve.

It was the cheapest of the restaurants in the area, but that was not the only reason we chose it. It was also busy and although the menu was not as extensive as others it had a few things that were very appealing to us.

The staff in this small restaurant were very friendly, with many of the other patrons clearly regulars.

Clare had not had many good laksas lately, but had a good feeling she would get a good authentic one here. She was not disappointed, as it was tasty, spicy and packed with seafood and bean sprouts.

Rob was drawn to the section on the menu for claypot meals, and eventually chose the salted fish, chicken and Chinese sausage dish. The description reminded him off a similar dish he had earlier this year in Singapore. He was so eager to dig in he burnt his tongue on the first mouthful of rice. The claypot sure keeps the heat in. There were generous portions of boneless chicken over the top, mixed with small amounts of sausage, and barely recognisable bits of salted fish, adding just the right amount of saltiness. These pots can hold quite a bit of food, and the normally insatiable Rob was unable to finish it all.

If we come back to the area we would definitely check out these restaurants again, and it would be tempting to go back to Asian Cuisine.

Address: 113 Collins Rd Willetton, WA

Tamarind Mt Hawthorn Review

Tamarind, Mount Hawthorn

The Tamarind is a good tasting and reasonably priced restaurant and take away located on Scarborough Beach Road in Mount Hawthorn. The restaurant is promoted as serving Cambodian food, though you will find familiar Thai, Malaysian and Chinese dishes on the menu too. We used our Entertainment Card to get a discount, but we would go back again no problems.

Other Things You Should Know

  • BYO. Located across the road from the Paddington Ale House.
  • There is two other Tamarind Restaurants located around the Perth suburbs.
  • open every day from 5pm.

Location & Contact

  • Shop 44, 148 Scarborough Beach Rd, Mount Hawthorn
  • phone (08) 9242 2988

Kitsch Bar of Leederville Review

Kitsch Bar – Leederville

As the name implies, the Kitsch bar is a cool and trendy little bar that is hidden away from the main action of Leederville. For those who venture further up Oxford street will be pleased to discover this relaxing gem. Come for a drink of your favourite Asian beer or hawker inspired Thai food. The prices are a little expensive, but you are paying for a great ambience. If you have travelled through Asia, the sights, smells, and tastes will be very familiar.

Other Things You Should Know

  • Closed Monday
  • Tuesday Pad Thai and Chang Beer 5-10.30
  • Sunday Stroll 2-10pm

Location & Contact